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Heal Relationships and Super Charge Your Sex Life

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

A February 2021 Harvard study sited this sad and staggering statistic: "36% of all Americans—including 61% of young adults and 51% of mothers with young children—feel ‘serious loneliness’.”

And feeling lonely when you’re actually in a relationship or marriage is one of the worst feelings you can experience.

Relationships are complex, but studies the world over reveal that the more satisfying and fulfilling our intimate relationships are, the higher our quality of life is regardless of wealth, status, career, level of education, or spirituality. This includes creating positive family relationships and building strong ties with friends.

the more satisfying and fulfilling our intimate relationships are, the higher our quality of life is regardless of wealth, status, career, level of education, or spirituality.

When people are in trusting, respectful, supportive relationships they thrive as individuals in all areas, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Can you relate to the following statements?

  • You see destructive patterns yet feel powerless to stop them

  • Your parents are still trying to run your life

  • You have difficulty finding or keeping a partner

  • Trust issues or jealousy are ruining your relationship

  • No one in the family gets along so why bother?

  • You’re dealing with an affair – yours or theirs

  • You can’t seem to end a toxic relationship

  • You feel like you give much more than you get from everyone

  • You’re questioning if one of your relationships is abusive

  • You’re struggling to get over a break-up

Our brains develop ruts like worn pathways where we travel repeatedly even when we know there must be a better way. Hypnosis taps into the subconscious where you can find a new path easily. Repeated sessions and practice makes a new “rut” – but a healthy one!

Through hypnosis and coaching you can identify anxiety triggers around vulnerability, recognize patterns of behavior that don’t serve you, and release negative self-fulfilling thoughts that are keeping you stuck. This is an opportunity to uncover and address childhood or other relationship traumas that are likely creeping into all your current relationships.

Imagine feeling:

  • Connected, heard, valued by yourself and others

  • A greater understanding of yourself and others

  • More confidence and self esteem

  • The ability to cope with the ups and down of a relationship

  • A sense of closure on past relationships

  • Knowing how to express your feelings in a way that honors everyone

  • A greater sense of happiness and fulfillment in your relationships

Sexual Healing – A Judgement Free Safe Space

Maybe you have great connections and you’re happy in your primary relationship yet it’s just not happening in the bedroom. You know it. They know it. And yet, no one is talking about it.

It could be too painful or embarrassing. Or maybe you don’t want to make them feel insecure and possibly make things worse. You may feel that you have a physical condition that just can’t be overcome, or you’ve been too afraid to even research it.

Sex and sexual feelings are the magnifying glass that reveal people’s relationships with themselves and others.

Every part of our life impacts how we function sexually. Lifestyle choices, past experiences, our upbringing, our beliefs, self-confidence and self-esteem and many other things effect our libidos, how our bodies react and how much enjoyment and satisfaction we get from sexual activity.

Combine that with sexual taboo full of myths, misinformation, and often attached to shame and guilt and it’s no wonder women suffer disproportionately with sexual issues. Many women grow up being taught to fear sex, that sex is wrong, that they are there to please men and lots of other ideas that should have been left behind long ago.

Sexual pain disorders affect women almost exclusively. Sexual dysfunctions are highly prevalent in 25% to 63% of women. (Laumann et al., 1999) – yet many suffer quietly.

If your sexual issues stem from abuse, you can feel safe knowing that you don’t have to relive your traumas to transform them. Reprograming the subconscious mind through hypnosis is often a much faster, easier path to recovery for abuse survivors than other therapies. Another advantage of hypnosis is that your partner doesn’t need to be present.

Female sexuality is both beautiful and complex – and most of it starts in the mind. That statement is not meant to dismiss biological changes due to motherhood, menopause or serious conditions like vaginismus, but to encourage you to trust in the power of your mind. Women are designed to have great sex! The clitoris is the only organ in the human body purely for pleasure, yet it’s still missing in sex education and biology classes! *sigh*

Most sex therapy today is still based on studies from the 1960’s focusing on the mechanical aspects of sex (penetration), using outdated models of sexual arousal, and defining a good sexual outcome as an orgasm. The outcome for many is they have a better understanding of how they ended up with a sexual issue, but they still have it. Consciously they can reason out why they shouldn’t feel guilt, shame, pain etc, yet when they find themselves in a consensual sexual situation, all that understanding doesn’t help them…the anxiety returns.

“Hypnosis has been used to treat various forms of sexual dysfunction for several decades,” says Sarah Melancon, PhD, sociologist and clinical sexologist. I’ve researched sexuality extensively for a decade and I’m a Certified Sexual Freedom Hypnosis® practitioner with over 1000 hours of study from an internationally respected hypnotherapist, Kaz Riley.

I’ve helped women and/or couples work through persistent sexual issues like:

  • Low libido

  • Anorgasmia (the inability to orgasm either with a partner or at anytime)

  • Vaginismus (the clamping shut of the vaginal muscles preventing or causing painful penetration)

  • Painful intercourse

  • Shame around sex or sexuality

  • Intimacy Issues

  • Hyper Arousal Disorder

What is Sexual Freedom Hypnosis, Exactly?

What Happens In Session?

Sexual Freedom Hypnosis deals with arousal and sexual themes, but there is absolutely nothing sexual going on in the session – and no touching or acting out.

We’ll begin with a frank conversation about what you’re experiencing and would like to resolve and just get comfortable talking about sex. What does great sex mean to you? And some education is usually in order to dispel myths. For example, if you’re worried because your sex life doesn’t resemble what you see in porn, what you need isn’t hypnosis but an education about what porn is (entertainment) and isn’t (educational).

Next, we’ll identify your exact goals and talk about any past trauma to identify words or themes that could be triggering.

Once you’re in a trance-like state, I’ll help you identify the part of your subconscious mind that’s the “limiter,” and then use voice-guided instruction to reprogram it.

My mentor Kaz noted that, “Hypnosis can fix a glitch in the program, but before we get started, we want to make sure you’re running the right program.”

Then we’ll move on to the hypnosis part of the session. Each appointment is 2 hours and completely individualized where I may combine hypnosis with:

  • NLP – neural linguistic programming

  • Eye movement therapy

  • Parts work – working through conflicting messages – sort of like family therapy!

  • Breathwork – fast induction with the fast breathing

  • Childhood regression

  • Past life regression

Ready for a better sex life and more intimacy? Let me help you:

  • Get your libido back, or find it if you have never really had one

  • Reduce or eliminate painful sex

  • Address emotional pain that may be interfering with sex

  • Experience Yoni Directed Hypnosis to become free of vaginismus

  • Gain control of Hyper Arousal and release the shame that goes with it

  • Resolve the trauma, address low mood, and learn to love your post birth body

  • Create a strong mind body connection to get in charge of your body

  • Learn to communicate your needs, wants and desires with others

  • Give yourself permission to receive pleasure

A passionate sex life really is possible for everyone – including you!

Typically, sexual issues need untangling and a six-session package is recommended.


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