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Who's Minding Your Mind?


I help women experience more self-esteem, intimacy, freedom, passion, and physical pleasure.

And I promise I won’t make you cluck like a chicken…unless you want to!

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What Kind of Life are You Secretly Craving? 

Our daydreams are important clues to our desires – and our discontent. Are you dreaming of:

• A deeper connection with your partner or loved ones


• Overcoming physical issues with sexual intimacy, low libido, or painful sex?

• Running away to live on the beach in Tuscany?

• Or do you just want to feel truly happy, passionate about,
and on purpose with the life you have beyond all the roles you play?

These dreams are secret because you fear no one would understand how someone at the top of their game – yeah I'm looking at you – could or should have anything to complain about. You should just be grateful, right? You're respected at work, you have a decent relationship, maybe a couple of well-adjusted kids, a sweet pup, nice cars, and a beautiful home. Yet, you feel disconnected, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. As a woman you're often doing and being for everyone else, checking all the boxes, and anxiously wondering when the balls will drop – or if your primary relationship will survive. can help you feel the peace, passion, and joy you're craving.

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Well Minded Hypnosis Specialties

I use a no-nonsense, methodical, science-based process guided by my intuition for fast results. You are always in control in a safe and caring judgment-free space where your beliefs are respected.

Release Old Patterns, Self-Sabotaging Beliefs and Fears

Relationship and Intimacy Issues Including Hypnosis for Women's Sexual Issues

Stress Management–Cultivating Joy and Purpose Including Hypnosis for Anxiety

Ease the Stress

and Effects of Cancer Treatment  for Better Outcomes

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My 30-minute consultation identifies issues you'd like to resolve so we can get straight to work.

When you book a package each session is 2 hours and always includes a thorough intake with time to go over what you'd like to work on and what's coming up for you as we work together. Sessions can be virtual, in-office, or a mixture. While I offer single sessions, please be aware that clearing deep-seated beliefs and patterns of behavior takes more time. Book a Consult.

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3 Session Package

In three sessions we can work on more immediate pressing issues in your work or home life. Maybe you have a big test coming up, job interviews you need to ace, or a shift coming up in life that has you anxious. 

We can also address shifting behaviors or a health issue. Let's clear any energy that may be holding you back. 


6 Session Package

With six sessions we can dig deeper into old patterns, and limiting beliefs to uncover things you may have forgotten about or brushed away as unimportant. You'll gain access to your own inner wisdom and insights to make lasting changes.

Calm Woman

Identify and Shift Whatever No Longer Serves You.

Hypnotherapy can release what's getting in the way of the life you want faster and more reliably than any other therapy or modality I've studied.

I know first hand – hypnotherapy works.

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Hi, I'm Kati

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, MSEP, FACHE

I'm a lifelong learner – a seeker of knowledge and understanding. For over 35 years I've studied spirituality, hypnosis, integrative medicine, science, meditation, business, energy work, healing arts, and philosophies and affirmations that stretch and challenge me. I combine all of these modalities to help you create the life you crave.


I've struggled with chronic illness, anxiety, depression, pain, trauma, self-doubt. I've pursued achievement and status, money, chasing an elusive definition of what is “enough.” Now I'm blessed as I experience great joy, gratitude, love, safety, wonder, awe, and divinity due in large part to self-hypnosis.  

I'd be honored to help you as part hypnotherapist, part coach, and your partner in transformation.

Kati Lambert, Certified Hypnotherapist
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Happy Well Minded Hypnosis Clients

Creative Professional

I was so nervous about getting hypnotherapy because the thought of oversharing with a stranger was terrifying! Not only did Kati make me feel instantly safe to explore whatever came up, but her natural compassion and empowering suggestions also helped me finally make a breakthrough. I especially enjoy listening to her pre-recorded hypnotic programming before sleep because her sultry voice is, well...hypnotic!  I always wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

~Lee Ann M., Sarasota, FL

Middle Aged Woman

Kati is definitely the real deal. When we were done with my session there was no room left in my mind or any kind of doubt. I now know what I need to do to work toward the outcome I would like in my life.

~Yamaris B., Tampa, FL

Woman in a Yellow Dress

Kati is a highly skilled and intuitive hypnotherapist. She's highly professional and makes me feel safe and comfortable every time I am in the chair. She has brought out insights from within me that I had no idea I was capable of. I feel truly blessed to have had an opportunity to work with her and would recommend her to anyone looking to make a change in their life.

~Lesley L., Clearwater, FL

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